5s applies to a wide range of industries from education and health care to the government. It deals with the method of organizing a workplace. The term refers to 5 Japanese words which all start with the letter S. the English translations of these words would be as follows:
“Sort, systematic arrangements, shine, standardize, and sustain”.
These words explain how to organize a workplace for efficiency and effectiveness by sorting items, the maintained of items and space, and the sustainability of the order. Employers will be well- informed of the standardization regarding how they should do the work by a dialogue.
By sort, it means that unnecessary items should be disposed, accumulation of items should be prevented, and professional supervisors should efficiently supervise on regular base, and necessary evaluation in terms of cost or other factors should be conducted as well.
The term systematic arrangements refer to arranging necessary items in way which prevents any loss, and waste of time as well as leads to easy picking up items. As can be understood, the word shine refers to the clearing of the workplace. Standardize signifies the maintenance of housekeeping and workplace, the order of items and the existence of a standard for every process.
Finally, the word “sustain” refers to the performance of regular audits, the holding of regular training and disciplines and etc.