Certification Process



[Conforming to the Requirements Set Forth by ISO/IEC 17021, and appropriate Guidance to the previous. Applies to the Certification-Registration of Prospect / Client-Organizations]

1.0 Scope: Encompass limited to BRSM activities in the progression from prospect-organization to client-organization. Includes application, planning, assessments, recommendation, inclusion (see 6.0) and surveillance as BRSM client-organization, and reiterates aspects relevant to evaluating assessor performance. These activities are concurrent to granting, maintaining, reducing, and extending certification-registration within the scope of BRSM activities.

1.1 This procedural manual is a companion to procedural manual 0740-01 and 010-001.
1.2 Annex A explains the use of Guidance Form-026

2.0 Purpose / Objective: It is to assist in understanding BRSM protocol from Form-001 to inclusion into Form-024. Thereof, provide the basis and supporting documents, forms and guidance for understanding BRSM certification-registration protocol.

3.0 Procedural actions of interest expresses within a pictogram in 5.0 herein.

3.1 BRSM Professional Assessors and Technical Experts are the source for the selection of assessment team members. Each Professional Qualified or Certified Assessor and Technical Expert signs a CAW (Contract-At-Will) agreement; BRSM network of professionals at inclusion stage only sign a “confidentiality” agreement.

3.1.1 BRSM and BRANCH OFFICES, is empower to assign assessment – auditors provided these are at inclusion, qualified or certified

3.2 Is required the Evaluation of each Professional Assessor and Technical Expert during an assessment, RIMG001-01 explained in detail. It may require to increase the frequency under the following considerations:

(a) There is a complaint against an assessment team or member (Form-008);

(b) The assessment auditor (assessor) or technical expert is performing frequent assessments such as in weekly average;

(c) There is concern on the evaluator over a particular assessor or technical expert;

3.3 The total assessment days for certification-registration protocol are to split into Phase I, Phase II, both in-situ; means that the client-organization is assessed both phases on-site. We may divide Phase I (into Phase IA and IB). The assessment audit period, time separation, between Phase I and II must not exceed 90 days (3 months, and preferably 3 months).

4.0 For guidance of assessment team selection, see as guide only procedure 0822-AST (guidance).

4.1 The assessment team ascertain initiating, as part of planning activities, and these must occur:

Be able to demonstrate that§ management carries the responsibilities for their operational activities and associated effects, as applies to QMS, EMS, MDD, Product Mark or inspection.

The organization’s§ management assures implementation of its policy, including overall objectives, specific objectives, and targets to meet objectives and associated programs, as deemed necessary.

Provide the resources not§ only that implementation is effective but also that the systems | scheme is effectively maintain and improve.

The process and activities§ are under control such that the boundaries of inputs and outputs have ownership defined within the scope and the organizational structure.

Include within its scope of§ activities those, which the organization not only has, control but those that influence irrespective of whether internally operating within the boundaries and confinement of the organization or other location. This is not to imply that assessment extends outside the scope defined by the organization but that assessment may inquire and information must be available.

The organizations§ centralization activities of operations (see Procedure 0740-03, multi-sites) are assessing when the activities and process are manage from therein in every assessment.

Operating permits and§ licensing is part of the assessment evaluation, the assessment team must have access and observe these. In the eventuality that permits have expired or not available, requires informing BRSM promptly (within 24 hours). The assessment team continues with assessment, until otherwise receiving notification from BRSM .The organization accepts the assessment team members prior to engaging in the assessment; see 5.2.1.

4.2 A defined and known scope We require that the prospect / client organization concur with those presented in Form-001 (as applies to QMS, MDD,EMS and other questionnaire forms) as well concurs into Form-003 (as this is verified during Phase I), and dependent on the management system / scheme includes, which may be inclusive to Product Mark:

(a) Premises of the§ organization (land inclusive), associated storage / warehousing areas whether in location other than premises, which may contain; waste, residues, raw materials, product, equipment, spare parts whether inventoried and carry out in financial records or not.

(b) Temporary location such§ as camping sites, mobile areas, construction sites, exploration sites. Thereof, includes materials, equipment, components, residuals et al belonging of the property of the organization or confined under custody of the organization.

(c) Wherein for matters of§ logistics, risk and related premises cannot be assess the centralized activities must be included within the assessment in verifying necessary controls.

(d) It is prefer that§ activities are being carry during the assessment evaluation, including delivery, discharge, confined area, to name a few of the possibilities – consideration must be given to whether multi-sites is within the scope of activities (see Procedure 0740-03). Multi-sites require assessment as determined by BRSM in consultation with the/a designated assessment team leader (ATL) and may involve other designees – delegate(s).

4.3 BRSM provide guidance on§ sample basis within procedures 0740-02 and for multi-sites see Procedure 0740-01, as derive from BRSM.

5.0 Protocol – pictographically flow at the end pages prior to complementary Annex A, the progression from Form-001, throughout to the issuance of a certificate of registration. Detailed information of contents is within forms or interacting procedures / procedural-manuals – see Appendix 1 MANUAL, process progression follows.

5.1 The progression initiates§ with prospect / client-organization requesting specific Form-001 and BRSM following with a quotation (Form-003), after confirming and clarifying the scope and the standard / scheme. Ascertain that the scope and specification can be serviced by Branch Offices, “Terms of Business Agreement” (TBA) accompanies Form-003, and if required upon request Form-003_travel_expenses.

5.1.1 When sending the “TBA”§ concurrent with or after Form-003, must available to client-organization prior to the Phase I (signed by organization). The client-organization may send e-mail or communicative indicating acceptance of the “TBA” or otherwise signed and available for pick up by the Assessment Team once on-site.

5.2 BRSM technical staff (Technical Manger) reviews the application and verifies if the scope requested is within scope of activities of BRSM and practical in case of location to do the assessment in and initially evaluates if the requirements for certification are clearly defined and documented.

As accepted, prospect / client-organization signs Form-003 and TBA triggering BRSM,to present “BIO” of the assessment – auditors (and if applicable, technical expert and/or to observer when necessary) for the organization to decide in consultation with BRSM. Agreeing to assessment dates follows, after resolving any probable difference in understanding between BRSM and the applicant.

5.2.1 Prospect /§ client-organization choose / concur with the team members and the designation of the assessment team members and ATL in consultation with BRSM Turkey.

5.3 As part of Phase I the§ ATL designee needs to review the level-I documents on-site, or upon decision requests top-level-I document(s) and thus provide these to the ATL. This action in Phase I addresses conformity and adequateness.

Note: ISO/IEC 17021 for QMS, EMS and other management requires that the Phase I and II be carryout on-site in its entirety or partial. Others standards and specification to which we provide services are ISO/IEC 17020, need not splitting the activity’s protocol.

5.4 The designee Assessment Team Leader (ATL) conducts Phase-I assessment which requires completion of Form-002 reporting or may also initiate Form-009 ; as Phase I requires commencement of the certification protocol with an on-site assessment. As required by the assessment – audit, Form-008 and Form-018 apply. Form-008 in Phase I need not be entry in the list of AR (Form-025), enter only Phase II AR (Type II) – RA (Type I). Form-026 is for the convenience of our activities as guidance form. When Phase-I commences with a direct on-site assessment concurrent with documentation review, the organization could receive Form-004 in anticipation prior for acceptance, and while Form-004 is optional for Phase-I we require for Phase-II.

5.4.1 Request for Action (AR / RA), Form-008; the prospect / client-organization and the assessment team leader agree to verify the action taken during on-site assessment prior to proceeding. Not addressing a complete requirement clause of the appropriate standard (under which certification-registration is being pursuit) requires response prior to proceeding. Regardless, definition of action taking types and relations apply.
When the Phase I, which includes management system level-I / II documents, these must meet the appropriate requirements and the ATL designee accepts, Form-002 is completed and sent to the client-organization (together with applicable and as deemed necessary Forms 008 and 018). Level I and II documents apply to QMS, EMS, QMS MDD and other management schemes as the prospect organization provides. On-site examination and verification of the management system is require on-site for the adequacy of the level I / II documents and needs be in Phase-I Phase-I on-site initiates toward Phase-II as part of an initial or reassessment protocol, may require initiating Form-009 for those management systems not having a Form-002 assigned. Reiterating, Form-008 in Phase-I need not be inclusive to Form-025 (list of RAs / ARs), as in Phase II the assessment team verifies effectiveness of progress.

5.4.2 BRSM Turkey uses Form-026 (optional) to assure that the required records are in-file, see Appendix A.


5.5 While not encouraged, some prospects and client-organizations may choose, Pre Registration Assessment (Gap Analysis) is not part of the certification protocol and thus optional – BRSM provides assessment service only upon specific request by the prospect – client-organization. We prefer not to conduct Pre Assessments.

Note 1: We may not provide more than three (3) third Party full system assessments to a prospect / client-organization within a period of one year. Note 2: If accede pre registration assessment, the time does not count against Phases-I / -II assessment days. Note 3: Gap Analysis, Pre Assessment, opens the door in addressing not only what but also as to how, which is construe as consulting.

5.6 Before a Phase II on-site assessment, the ATL designee presents Form-004 to the prospect / client organization for acceptance; Form-004 is optional for Phase I upon organization’s request. In determining the interval between stage 1 and stage 2, consideration is given to the needs of the client to resolve areas of concern identified during the stage 1.

5.6.1 Planning -007 (optional) and Plan -004 need not be authorizing by BRSM to proceed. However, -004 needs that a qualified and preferably planning department competent staff concur with the plan (-004). During planning, set forth an “Objective Statement” for the assessment. The basis of the Objective Statement need be on our mission and values integral to the theme for each assessment to the legally binding purpose. This Objective Statement is the driving force for the specific assessment, needs be short and no more than a sentence in which we can focus AVA for a particular initial, transition, surveillance and recertification assessment. We are to convey to the client the objective statement in Form-004, Audit Plan. The basis for this statement is on current, situation, challenges and investigative work done during the planning so that we can focus in AVA more concisely.

5.6.2 Prospect / client-organization accept or may request adjustment to the plan – schedule, not to the assessment paths (see 0740-01), days, or otherwise accreditation agreement.
5.6.3 The ATL designee coordinates the logistics for the assessment with BRSM support as deem necessary. BRSM designates the resources to conduct the assessment. Logistics includes travel arrangements, resources and needs to address assessment objectives. Because we are a close system, as certified auditors carry assessments under the BRSM mark, need not to have a specific separate letter of assessment engagement.

5.7 Phase-II, as continuation or commencement of the initial on-site assessment (applies equally for Phase-I surveillance and reassessments). Equally applies when conducting certification-registration assessment in two (2) phases, split Phase-I /-II (or IA and IB + II).

5.7.1 Opening meeting (requires Form-014 and initiating Form-005)
5.7.2 Assessment team reviews any open request for action (whether surveillance or reassessment) and the effectiveness of the action taken. Verifying action taken effectiveness is required prior to closing which most likely is included within following the assessment path(s). Regardless whether is Type I or Type II respectively RA / AR (AR refers to Observation with time limit); action taking requires that the organization determines the cause of the RA / AR and action taken is proportionate and effective. Phase-I AR / RA effectiveness of action taken needs verification in Phase II but need not to include in Form-025 .

5.7.3 Following assessment paths are as planned – the plan (-004) may change based on information compiled. Procedural manual 0740-01 discusses the assessment paths / trails.
5.7.4 The assessment team needs to meet periodically, at least once daily to compare notes and confirm progression. Type-I requests (RA) requires reasonable prompt action informing the prospect / client-organization (see procedural manual 0740-01). When a Type-I (RA) is evident, the assessment team proceeds to a meeting with the organization. In the presence of a Type-I RA promptly informs the client-organization that the objective of the assessment will not be reached. No organization can be issue a certificate of registration with an open Type-I RA, unless granted under conditional certification status (see, which needs be consulted with BRSM Turkey For Type-I RA, in consultation with the assessment team, requires revisiting the site for a re-assessment; continue assessment and/or verifying the effectiveness of the action taken (see and closure of the RA. For initial assessments, via a once-only follow-up assessment to verify, whether the action taken is effective and appropriate to the RA. The prospect / client-organization must be invoiced for the cost of the follow-up. Form-009 is completed, and herein on continuance through clause 5.7.5. We may issue a “Conditional” status of CoR, which requires verifying the effectiveness of the limiting condition once the action has taken effect. “Conditional” status it is not applied in lieu of a Type I RA. The recommendation to grant a “Conditional” CoR is when the assessment team has a serious concern on the management system, yet the system fulfills the management system agreements. E.g., does not meet a legal issue because of lack (luster) of legal authorities (e.g. a license permit is missing even when the organization has acted according to expected and/or legal requirements) – see also (a). Et al, the assessment team wishes to express to the client-organization a level of concern that requires taking special attention – see also BRSM Field Manual for guidance, if deem necessary.

5.7.5 For the closing meeting, Forms 017 and 005 (same as opening) are required. Other forms applicable, as deemed necessary are -018, -008, -009 and -010. Form-010 applies to Phase-II conclusion of the assessment protocol.
5.7.6 Form-026 is to assist Branch offices (and the assessment teams) and for BRSM Turkey to maintain files in completing necessary information and submittals, which includes TBA, Forms 001, 003, 004, 009, 005, 017, 014, 010, and as required 008 and 018, and other specific forms. Presenting Form-009 to the assessed organization needs to occur within seven (7) days after the closing meeting; however, the assessment team is empowered to present Form-009 to prospect / client-organization concurrent or prior sending to submitting to branch offices and sending to BRSM Turkey. If the ATL designee wishes and logistics allow, sending of Form-009 to branch offices(or BRSM Turkey) for review, prior to presenting to the assessed organization the finalized version of Form-009. branch offices(or BRSM Turkey), as requires, may review Form-009 and resubmits to prospect / client-organization with explanation for any significant difference.

Important Note: we need to remember that a Form-009 as well the complete assessment projects in the complete team of BRSM worldwide. For example, in not conveying our mission, values or vision can portrait an improper image of who we are. Another example is that a poor conveyed -009, written, slack missing information, or lack – luster can project a degree that we are not. And this can lead that in reviewing a recommendation to certification the reviewing team can reject the recommendation to certification. The decision-making process regarding certification-registration comprises of these elements as follows:

(1) Based on the results of the assessment, the assessment team delivers completed Form-009/form-008 and closed RA/ARs and its recommendation through Form-010 to Technical Manager in BRSM Turkey, The audit team shall analyze all information and audit evidence gathered during the stage 1 and stage 2 audits to review the audit findings and agree on the audit conclusions. Detention of the protocol is when no recommendation through Form-010 or no presentation of Form-010 by the assessment team – the organization requires either, (1) re-assessment, or (2) closing the Action Request Type-I RA. The maximum permissible time is 90 days, between date of documenting Type I and re assessing the management system. Issuing “Conditional” ( status remains open dependent on the necessary action taken and in consultation the assessment team by recommending and BRSM.
(2) Branch Offices send Form-009, -010, which may include other relevant information to BRSM Turkey designees to concur with the assessment team (e.g. Form-029). For Concurrence there is two alternatives from the designees; (a) explicit concurrence by circulation through delegates from other Branch Offices and delegate from BRSM Turkey who have not participated in Audit (Quorum of Regions). and (b) implicit concurrence is when the Quorum of the Regions designee-reviewer are not available to respond in seven (7) days, there is concurrence / accept the recommendation through BRSM Turkey. The Head Manger and Quality Manager and Technical Manager concur and send concurrence result to BRSM Managing director in to be lastly concurred and if not vetoed to be issued. The members of the decision-making committee might change in absence of one and to fill the empty position an ATL who has not participated in the assessment in question might be chosen to vote. There will be no change in formation of the positions participate in committee only people playing those roles might be changed if needed due to resignation or severance. Form-032 is preferably, thus not always a necessary, an independent – impartial party. Quorum of the Regions includes Delegates from Branches (who have not participated in Audit), HM and/or QM. In the eventuality of nay for a recommendation, see 6.0 herein. The decision of concurrence needs to occur ultimately within seven (7) days from the date of circulating the recommendation whether within Quorum of the Regions or in BRSM Turkey.
The Reviewing Recommendation Protocol and designees fulfills many functions, some of which includes:

o Help support and sustain accreditation local or international,
o To share information across borders,
o Supports in sustaining our mission and values with purpose, and
o Tights the global relation from worldwide to local (so while we are global we operate locally)

BRSM Turkey finalizes the authorization with the Reviewers’ decision and proceeds with administrative activities for issuing the CoR and thus inclusion into Form-024 and Database. The client ID for the certification number is assigned according to Form035 on the certification.
(3) The final deciding authority for certification resides with Managing Director in BRSM, who signs the CoR or his deligates.
(4) In the eventuality that there is no concurrence or adverse concurrence to recommendation, then a procedure of actions follows through MANUAL.

5.7.7 Maintaining Certification-Registration and Surveillance for Client-Organizations In fulfilling “Term of Business Agreement, TBA”, after granting certification-registration, it requires reviewing its validity. BRSM carries out an every 9-12 months surveillance assessment and re assessment may be required every 3 years for management systems under accreditation and equally or lesser time for BRSM schemes (see procedure 0740-02 for assessment days). Extending CoR can occur upon an organization justifying the extension; this extension shall not exceed six (6) months; see 7.0 herein. Extending or reducing scope of certification is accomplished through a surveillance assessment to assure that the client-organization act competently. surveillance times will be determined based on IAF MD 5:2015 (Regular | Programmed) Surveillance
The scheduled surveillance-visits are less coverage-comprehensive than an initial assessment and reassessments, whilst in the course of the contractual terms the management system is review in its entirety. Depending on the performance of the client-organization, BRSM may decide to adjust the number, the scope, and the nature of surveillance-visits to be carried-out.
For specifics required, minimum, for surveillance see 5.8 herein follows. The process that follows during surveillance is as stated herein this procedure. If the assessments determine that there are no requests for action, it may require follow-up assessment, which needs quotation (Form-003), at the cost of the assessed organization. Follow-up planned assessment when applies to Type-I request for action needs be invoice to client-organization as Form-003 indicates in fulfilling “TBA”. Type-II request for action may not require specific follow-up assessment, and responding to the action through surveillance may suffice in combination with response in due date. Based on Form-009 and Form-010, with recommendation of the assessment team, the HM in consultation with the QM decides on continuing with the certification-registration. Reassessments Certification-registration is valid for a minimum of three (3) years (more if agreeable). By the end or before the end cycle period, we carry out a re-assessment and the process from 5.3 herein this procedural manual carries-on (also reference herein clause 5.8 and procedural manual 0740-01). Phase-I Assessment may not need proceeding if there are no significant changes to the management systems affecting its scope and the severity of the actions in the past 3 years indicate maintaining an effective management system. ISO/IEC 17021: The review of designees to concur with the recommendation may be limited to review of specific designees which may be Branch Offices in the persons of the QM and/or the HM in consultation with BRSM Requiring information for reassessment planning is through history of results, such that the organization does not need to complete Form-001 (again). Required is Form-003 as part of the contractual 3-year agreement together with a resigned “TBA”; BRSM submits a quote (Form-003) to the client-organization. Manual 0740-01, and procedures 0740-02 and 0740-03 provides additional information on reassessments. Reassessment is dependent on factors referenced in procedural manual 0740-01 and sub procedures 0740-02 and 0740-03. Regardless, clause 5.3 herein triggers reassessment for recertification.

5.8 Surveillance (Assessments)
The assessment team is required to plan the assessment as noted in 5.7 through as applies for surveillance (namely client-organization). Each surveillance assessment requires that the assessment team verify:

5.8.1 The result and validity of the internal audit program, and how effective are these in sustaining the management system and its relation to the organization’s objectives.
5.8.2 Management reviews the system in support of sustaining the organizations activities, processes, regulatory compliance, and other matters important in demonstrating commitment and resources to sustain an effective system. Communicating matters relevant to sustaining the management system / scheme needs reviewing. Relation of management reviews outcome to continual improvement. Planning changes in maintaining the validity of the management system, these could be changes with significant effect over the scope, activities or processes of the management system.

5.8.3 The ability, skills, and other attributes within the competence in the organization as needs in responding to AR / RA, and whether these are complaints (internal or external), AR / RA.
5.8.4 The organization’s ability to identify, evaluate, plan and act over preventive measures such that it is effective in preventing situations adverse to the objectives of the management system or legal issue (of non-compliance).
5.8.5 The organization’s ability to manage a continual progression for improving its activities, product and services over the basis of the management system processes requires evaluation. This includes planning and achieving improvement.
5.8.6 On the use of BRSM logo-trademark wherein and its use and must comply with Manual, “TBA” and any specific instructions.
5.8.7 When applicable, the status on resolutions on matters relevant to complaint, appeal or disputes. 5.8.8 Other requirements agreed between Branch Offices, BRSM Turkey and ATL designee in consultation with prospect / client-organization.
5.8.9 Issuing a certificate of registration requires that upon successful completion of surveillance leading to a favorable Form-010, the assessment team recommendation proceeds to the HM for acceptance and continuance of registration. Issuance of the Annex Certificate of Registration occurs. Denial to proceed may occur when an organization scope and field of activities fall outside those that BRSM cannot satisfactorily meet. Extra Assessments – In addition to regular surveillances, the HM in consultation with the QM may decide to carry out extra assessments based on complaints, publications, or information from interested parties, such as government. Form-029 need not to apply to surveillance assessments and applies only for certification assessments

6.0 In the eventuality that BRSM Turkey does not accept a recommendation, and thereof holding progression to issuing the certificate of registration, apply the following:

6.1 HM and/or QM inquire on the reasoning for the denial to maintain registration. Upon analyzing and the specifics on the reason for the denial, Branch Offices investigates as appropriate and provides the compiled information to BRSM Turkey designees, ad hoc team comprise of certified professionals. BRSM and decide on special course of action in the eventuality of not proceeding with maintaining registration status. Evidence of such actions needs to be available and retain for four (4) years.

7.0 Extending and Reducing Scope of Assessment or Times to Client-Organization

7.1 BRSM may reduce assessment times or scope for the following reasons:

(a) Complaints brought from credible – bona fide acceptable source (e.g. academia, market consumer / protection group, government entity with regulatory authority), need agreeing with client-organization through “TBA”,
(b) Ineffectiveness of the organization to maintain the management system / scheme or actions taken (internal or external),
(c) Product or service that have resulted in health and safety concerns,
(d) Reasons others detrimental to the objectives of the organization’s purpose and activities as determined by Branch Offices in consultation with BRSM Turkey,
(e) Organization no longer use process or activity,
(f) Consolidation of business units (while maintaining the same legal entity status), and/or
(g) Sold entirely or part of its processes.
BRSM and Branch Offices need discussing the decision to the reduction with the client-organization and may involve consultation with the others during reassessment. Arriving to a decision, the client-organization is informed and may require presenting a new quote (Form-003).
7.1.1 Failure to resolve issue such as addressing AR or RA by the client-organization will result in suspension in time agreement between both parties and this will not exceed 180 days, in addressing ¶9.6.4.
7.1.2 In the cases wherein the client-organization no longer meets and has seriously failed to meet certification agreement for part of the process and activities we can reduce the scope of certification or altogether proceed to 7.1.1.

7.2 Whilst assessment time is addressed in Procedure 0740-02, BRSM may add / extend, reduce or otherwise because the assessment time relevant to scope changes, also reference 7.1.1-7.1.2.

7.2.1 Extending the assessment to an organization (with a history demonstrating effective actions), upon request, including mainly economical hardship, may go as to the 13th month.
7.2.2 Extending or reducing the scope activities may due to growth, significant changes to the organization resulting in additional processes, activities, and people and / or added risk aspects, also, if planning to provide additional products / services.

Organization growth relevant§ to the assessment days has changed (as in reference to ISO/IEC 17021), see procedures 0740-02 and 0740-03 if adding sites (multi sites or more sites).

7.3 Significant changes affecting the organizations activities or complaint as previously noted (7.1) indicates that the organization may not conform to the management system / scheme partially or entirely. These may include:

(a) Changes in ownership
(b) Alliance
(c) Consolidation
(d) Acquisition
(e) Changes or acquiring equipment (e.g. plant modernization)
(f) Increase in personnel (or added shifts)
(g) Any matter (adversely) affecting consumers or communities
Analysis leading to and arriving to a decision (see 7.1 or 7.2) requires, prior to taking action. This analysis is the responsibility of BRSM in consultation with Branch Offices.

8.0 Grant, Maintain, Suspend, Withdrawal of a Certification of Registration

8.1 Granting Certificate of Registration
Granting certificate of Registration is after the prospect or client-organization successfully completes the requirements set forth in the pictography flow diagram and herein textual protocol (in this procedural-manual) Phase-I through Phase-II, and includes:

(a) Completed assessment protocol (Phase I and Phase II) resulting with Form-010 recommending the organization to issue a CoR,
(b) Submittal of Form-010 to QoR and BRSM Turkey, following
(c) Circulating Forms -010, -009, -029 and others to concur with recommendation, and QoR in consultation with BRSM Turkey concurring acceptance
For details see clauses under 5.7 herein (this procedural-manual). Issuing “Conditional” CoR is textually expressed and not inclusive in the pictograms indicating Initial through Post Phase II (Phase III) within this document.
8.1.1 BRSM may issue (not grant), if necessary, a temporary / not valid document to attest that an assessment has been carried out. For validation, the protocol determined herein needs to be completed.
8.1.2 Within management systems, validation is part of the activities of BRSM Turkey; validation is exclusive to certification.

8.2 Maintaining the Certificate of Registration (CoR) requires successfully completing clauses under 5.8 herein this procedural-manual.
8.3 Suspending and withdrawal as invoked in MANUAL and procedure 0830-01, which relates to; (a) a client-organization’s management system is chronically failing contractual agreement in its effectiveness, (b) client-organization inhibits surveillance in prescribed and agreed periods, or (c) there is a voluntary request to suspend / withdraw certification.
8.4 BRSM may suspend and withdraw certification if an organization refuses to act on any RA or AR or for not fulfilling the agreement as the TBA stipulates. The TBA states the enforceable arrangements with client-organizations, which may lead onto withdrawal; this statement is in addressing explicitly¶9.6.6.
8.5 In explicitly addressing ¶9.6.7, upon request from a bona fide party (e.g. authorities, consumers advocacy, client-organizations’ client and similar others) the status of certification is expressed as being suspended, withdrawn and/or reduced.

9.0 Reassessment [Partially reiterating prior information]

Note: Reassessment may occur for the following reasons: (1) the magnitude and impact of a Type-I action request logically requires re-assessment, or (2) Contractual agreement has covered its 3-year limit period.

9.1 Reassessment (due to limit contract time-period has been reached) requires signing a new “TBA”, and may not require a new quote (Form-003) or Form-001 (records obtained from the organization provide necessary information).
For reference, procedures 0740-02 and 0740-03 address the issues of assessment time and multi-site requirements respectively. The herein procedural manual 020-01 addresses the protocol necessary for consistent reassessment combining procedural manual 0740-01.
9.2 Re-assessment implies that a Type-I request for action is found within Phase-I / -II requiring re scheduling or continuation whether is continuation from Phase-I into Phase-II (into Phase III).

APPENDIX “A”; BRANCH OFFICES and BRSM Turkey, Instructions on completing Form-026, when requiring BATCH Transfers
Consideration needs to be given to organizations under Procedure 020-02 for Batch Transition of Certification. For completion of Form-026 by any Branch offices Region (referring to BRSM):

 Review that 009, 004 and 007 (so that 007 concurs with 004) and that 005, 014, 017, applicable -008, -010, and any necessary other are in the possession of BRSM Region –. Each region retains records and made available as follows.
 Complete Form-026 and send to BRSM Turkey together with -010, minimum. To complete Form-026 write and act as follows:

o Client-Organization name… write in
o Address only needs to write the city and the country
o Write in the date(s) of the assessment(s)… the dates for P1 and P2, or as the P3 (surveillance) or P4 (reassessment)…
o Assessment Team… who participated in the assessment(s) to identify the qualification to the scope
o Assessment Type…. Any small block in this form just double-click and mark / select as necessary…
o Review Application and Quote… which of the choices we have in-file at BRANCH OFFICES Reiterating that BRSM comprises of the certified, BRSM Turkey is specifically the office in Turkey] This is to state what information that we have from the client authorizing BRSM to conduct an assessment
o Under Phase II, III or IV (notice that some of the cells are darkened, it means that there is no need to write in these spaces);

 Form-007… is needed when -004 and -007 do not concur; and Form-007 also applies when a region operates under qualification thus Form-007 and Form-004 need to match,
 Form-004… is the Plan sent to the client prior to the visit (specifically a Phase II, III, or IV)
 Form-005… self explained, BRSM needs to keep this document
 Form-009… self explained, BRSM needs to keep this document and that the report is acceptable… for initial assessments Phase II or Reassessments Phase IV these need sending to BRSM Turkey for decision on whether we should circulate for the recommendation for certification
 Form-008… indicate when applicable and the number and the Type (Type I or Type II)
 Form-014… opening meeting can be retained by BRSM and/or send to BRSM Turkey, and send to BRSM Turkey upon request
 Form-017… closing meeting can be retained by BRSM and/or send to BRSM Turkey, and send to BRSM Turkey upon request
 Form-010… needs that BRSM Turkey to have available, thereof send to BRSM Turkey
 Other… these forms or documents are evidence as instructed or contractual agreement, they mainly relate to any additional requirement agreed between client-organization, BRS region (Quorum of the Region, QOR) and BRSM Turkey
 The Lead Delegate from the QOR signs at the bottom by printing name in the font chosen and the date the Form-026 has been reviewed
 The * at the bottom are filled in by BRSM Turkey

 Send the completed forms in guidance Form-026 and -010 to BRSM Turkey (we need for filling), this explains as to where and who has possession of Forms -014, -017, -005, -004, -007.

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